ChatBotKit's Email Integration allows users to set up a dedicated email inbox for their AI chatbot, enhancing its capabilities to manage queries and support tickets.

ChatBotKit's Email Integration allows users to set up a dedicated email inbox for their AI chatbot. This integration facilitates seamless communication between the chatbot and users via email, enhancing the chatbot's capabilities to manage queries, support tickets, and more.

Getting Started with Email Integration

To begin setting up your Email Integration, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Integrations: From the main dashboard of ChatBotKit, go to the 'Integrations' section. Here you can see various integration options. Click on the 'Email Bot' option to start the setup.

  2. Configuration Settings:

    • Name: Assign a name to your Email Integration to recognize it in future configurations.
    • Description: Optionally add a description for your integration.
    • Bot: Select an existing bot for the integration or use the customization options to configure a new bot setup.

  3. Email Application Configuration:

    • Inbox: This is a unique email address generated for your chatbot where it will receive emails.
    • Advanced Options: Configure advanced settings like contact collection, which allows the chatbot to gather contact details from the emails.

  4. Save Configuration: After completing the setup, click the 'Save' button to apply your configurations.

Advanced Configuration Options

  • Contact Collection: Enable this feature to allow your chatbot to collect contact details from the email conversations. This can be useful for lead generation and user support scenarios.
  • Session Duration: Set how long the email session remains active, enabling the bot to continue conversations within this period.

Once your Email Integration is configured, your chatbot will be ready to handle emails. This setup not only extends the utility of your AI solution but also empowers it to engage in meaningful interactions, making your digital strategy more dynamic and interactive.

For more detailed setups or troubleshooting, please refer to the specific sections in the ChatBotKit documentation or contact support.