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Word Problem Solver

This tool can help you tackle math word problems with clear, step-by-step explanations. It makes solving math problems easier and more understandable.


Chat GPT 3.5

Experience the revolutionary capabilities of OpenAI GPT-3.5, a platform that allows for natural language conversations with advanced artificial intelligence. Engage in dialogue, ask questions, and receive intelligent responses to enhance your interactive communication experience.

Question AI

This bot is an expert in math, queries, and translations. It provides accurate answers without pre-filled information.


Ask AI

Our AI assistant provides instant, informative answers to all your questions, making it easy and convenient for you to access information whenever you need it. Whether you're studying, working, or just curious, Ask AI Anything is always available to assist you.

Essay Extender

This bot is specifically designed to help you extend your essays. It can provide you with tips and suggestions to enhance the length and quality of your writing.

AI Paper Writer

This AI Paper Writer bot is designed to assist you in writing papers. It can help with research, formatting, and generating content for your academic work.


David Goggins Quotes

Inspirational quotes by David Goggins to motivate and push you towards achieving your goals. These quotes are powerful and will encourage you to push past your limits.

Riddle Generator

This skillset allows you to generate riddles for fun and entertainment. Challenge yourself and others with these clever and engaging puzzles.


Pun Generator

This skillset is dedicated to generating puns for your entertainment. It is perfect for adding humor to conversations and lightening the mood.

AI Answer Generator

This chatbot is knowledgeable and provides formal, academic answers across a range of disciplines to assist college students. It aims to guide students in their academic pursuits.


AI Homework Helper

This AI technology assists students in completing interdisciplinary assignments by providing explanations, resources, and learning support. It is designed to help students with their academic needs efficiently and effectively.


Undetectable AI

This powerful tool uses GPT technology to transform text seamlessly, creating high-quality content that can bypass AI detection filters. It humanizes posts, converts long articles into human-proof text, and produces authentic, undetectable paragraphs to outsmart robot detectors.