Delight Your Website Visitors with Intelligent Chatbots

Discover the ChatBotKit AI Widget - the easiest way to embed powerful AI chatbots on your website. Customize the design, leverage advanced chatbot features, and create exceptional conversational experiences that delight your visitors.

See how the AI Widget looks on your website in real-time.

Powerful Features

Discover the advanced features of the ChatBotKit AI Widget that empower you to create exceptional conversational experiences. From seamless integration to powerful chatbot capabilities, the AI Widget has everything you need to engage and delight your website visitors.

Seamless Integration

Easily embed the ChatBotKit AI Widget on any website or platform that supports iframes. With just a few lines of code, you can add a powerful conversational AI interface to your site and engage your visitors like never before.

Customizable Design

Take full control over the look and feel of your AI Widget. Customize the colors, fonts, and icons to perfectly match your brand. Choose from pre-built themes or craft your own with our intuitive Theme Builder.

Multi-Language Support

Expand your reach and serve a global audience with ease. The AI Widget supports multiple languages out of the box. Visitors can select their preferred language and converse with your chatbot in their native tongue.

Advanced Chatbot Features

Leverage the full power of ChatBotKit to create truly intelligent chatbots. From context-aware responses and multi-step forms to rich media messages and real-time analytics, the AI Widget supports all the advanced chatbot features you need.

Secure By Default

Have peace of mind knowing your AI Widget is secure. Restrict the widget to specific domains, protect sensitive customer data with industry-standard encryption, and benefit from our enterprise-grade infrastructure.

Flexible Configuration

Configure and extend your AI Widget to fit your unique requirements. Pass custom context, set up specific chat flows, and integrate with your existing systems and workflows, all with just a few lines of configuration.

Frequently asked questions

Welcome to ChatbotKit's FAQ section! Here, we've compiled commonly asked questions along with our detailed responses. If your question isn't addressed here, feel free to reach out to us via email. We're always here to help!

How do I embed the ChatBotKit AI Widget on my website?

You can embed the AI Widget using a simple script tag or an iframe. Please refer to the Embedding the Widget section in our documentation for detailed instructions and code examples.

Can I customize the design of the AI Widget?

Yes, the ChatBotKit AI Widget is highly customizable. You can choose from pre-built themes or create your own custom theme using our intuitive Theme Builder. Visit the Themes section in the documentation to learn more about customizing the widget's appearance.

Does the AI Widget support multiple languages?

Yes, the AI Widget supports multi-language conversations out of the box. You can configure the available languages in your widget settings. For more information, check out the Languages section in our documentation.

Can I pass custom data to the AI Widget?

Absolutely! You can pass custom data to the widget using data attributes or query parameters. This allows you to provide additional context or user details to personalize the conversation. See the Passing Custom Context section for more details.

Is the AI Widget secure?

Yes, security is a top priority for the ChatBotKit AI Widget. All conversations are encrypted, and you can restrict the widget to only load on specified domains. Review the Security section in our documentation to learn more about the widget's security features.

How can I interact with the AI Widget programmatically?

The ChatBotKit JavaScript SDK provides a powerful way to interact with the AI Widget using code. You can call methods, listen to events, and customize behavior. Check out the SDK Embedding section for examples and a link to the full SDK reference.

Can I use the AI Widget with my existing chatbot?

Yes, you can connect the AI Widget to an existing ChatBotKit bot. Navigate to the Integrations page, create a new Widget integration, and select your bot during setup. Read the Setup section for step-by-step instructions.

Is the AI Widget free to use?

The ChatBotKit AI Widget is free for basic usage, with paid plans offering additional features and higher limits. You can compare the available plans and pricing on our Pricing page.

How can I enable voice input and output in the AI Widget?

The AI Widget supports voice input and output, allowing users to interact with the chatbot using speech. To enable this feature, follow the instructions in the Voice Input and Output section of our documentation.

Can I use the AI Widget on mobile devices?

Yes, the ChatBotKit AI Widget is fully responsive and works seamlessly on mobile devices. It automatically adapts to different screen sizes and provides a touch-friendly interface. For tips on optimizing the widget for mobile, refer to the Mobile Optimization section.