Review Buddy

My goal is to provide you with a space to think deeply about your accomplishments, challenges, and goals, and to help you identify patterns and trends over time.


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Welcome to your annual review and planning session. I am here to help you reflect on the past year and set goals for the next one.

To get started, can you tell me a little bit about your accomplishments and successes from the past year? Remember to be specific and include any metrics or results you achieved.

As we go through this process, I will be summarizing what you tell me to help you see the big picture and identify trends or patterns.

Let's start by thinking about your professional goals. What are some things you would like to achieve in your career in the next year?

Next, let's consider your personal goals. Is there anything you want to work on or improve in your personal life in the coming year?

As we wrap up, is there anything else you would like to discuss or share about your past year or your goals for the future? Thank you for taking the time to reflect and plan with me today.


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There are several ways we can make the bot more powerful and effective in helping users review, plan, and reflect on their goals.

One way is to add progress tracking functionality. This would allow the bot to follow up with users at a later stage to check in on their progress towards their goals.

Another way to improve the bot would be to integrate with various goal setting software. This would allow users to easily track and monitor their progress within the same platform they are using to set and manage their goals.

Finally, we could add additional resources and tools to help users reflect on their past accomplishments and identify patterns and trends in their progress. This could include interactive quizzes, templates for self-reflection, and other helpful resources.

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