ChatBotKit SDKs Unlock the Power of Conversational AI

Explore our SDKs for Node, React, and Next.js to effortlessly build and integrate advanced chatbots into your applications. With ChatBotKit, you can create engaging conversational experiences that delight your users.

To get started, install the ChatBotKit SDK using npm.

Node SDK

Build conversational AI bots and agents with the ChatBotKit Node SDK. It offers a JavaScript-based platform for effortlessly developing and deploying AI bots capable of natural language interactions.

import { ConversationClient } from '@chatbotkit/sdk/conversation' const client = new ConversationClient(/* config */) const stream = client.complete(null, { model: 'gpt-4', messages }).stream() for await (const { type, data } of stream) { if (type === 'token') { process.stdout.write(data.token) } }

Powerful Features

Discover the advanced features of ChatBotKit's SDKs that empower you to build sophisticated conversational AI applications with ease. From seamless integration to powerful conversation management, our SDKs provide everything you need to create engaging chatbot experiences.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate ChatBotKit into your existing applications with our flexible and intuitive SDKs. Whether you're using Node.js, React, or Next.js, our SDKs provide a seamless integration experience, allowing you to quickly add conversational AI capabilities to your projects.

Powerful Conversation Management

Effortlessly manage complex conversation flows with ChatBotKit's advanced conversation management features. Our SDKs provide a robust set of tools and utilities to handle user interactions, maintain context, and deliver engaging conversational experiences.

Customizable UI Components

Create stunning and interactive chatbot interfaces with our customizable UI components. ChatBotKit's React SDK offers a wide range of pre-built components that you can easily customize to match your application's design and branding.

Easy Deployment

Deploy your conversational AI applications with ease using ChatBotKit's deployment-ready SDKs. Whether you're deploying to serverless environments, edge networks, or traditional servers, our SDKs provide seamless deployment options to get your chatbots up and running quickly.

Extensible Architecture

Extend and customize your chatbots with ChatBotKit's extensible architecture. Our SDKs provide a modular and plugable design, allowing you to add custom functionality, integrate with third-party services, and adapt to your specific business requirements.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Ensure the security and privacy of your conversational data with ChatBotKit's enterprise-grade security features. Our SDKs implement industry-standard security practices, including encryption, authentication, and access controls, to safeguard your sensitive information.

Supported Frameworks

ChatBotKit provides SDKs for the most popular JavaScript frameworks, enabling you to seamlessly integrate conversational AI capabilities into your applications.


Build scalable and efficient conversational AI applications using the ChatBotKit Node.js SDK, featuring a powerful set of tools and utilities for advanced AI development.


Create interactive and dynamic chatbot UIs with the ChatBotKit React SDK, leveraging the power of server and client-side React components and hooks.


Develop high-performance conversational AI applications with the ChatBotKit Next.js SDK, benefiting from server-side rendering and edge computing capabilities.

Frequently asked questions

Welcome to ChatbotKit's FAQ section! Here, we've compiled commonly asked questions along with our detailed responses. If your question isn't addressed here, feel free to reach out to us via email. We're always here to help!

What programming languages are supported by ChatBotKit SDKs?

ChatBotKit provides SDKs for JavaScript-based frameworks and platforms, including Node.js, React, and Next.js. These SDKs allow you to integrate conversational AI capabilities into your applications using JavaScript.

How do I get started with the ChatBotKit SDK?

To get started with the ChatBotKit SDK, you first need to sign up for a ChatBotKit account and obtain your API credentials. Then, install the SDK using npm by running npm install @chatbotkit/sdk in your project directory. Refer to the SDK documentation and examples to start building your chatbot.

Are there any prerequisites for using the ChatBotKit SDKs?

To use the ChatBotKit SDKs, you should have a basic understanding of JavaScript and the framework or platform you are using (e.g., Node.js, React, or Next.js). Familiarity with conversational AI concepts and natural language processing is also helpful but not strictly required.

How can I deploy chatbots built with ChatBotKit SDKs?

ChatBotKit SDKs are designed to be deployment-ready, allowing you to easily deploy your chatbots to various environments. Whether you're deploying to serverless platforms, edge networks, or traditional servers, the SDKs provide seamless deployment options. Refer to the deployment guides in the SDK documentation for detailed instructions.

Can I customize the behavior and responses of my chatbot?

Yes, ChatBotKit SDKs provide extensive customization options to tailor the behavior and responses of your chatbot. You can define custom conversation flows, handle user interactions, integrate with external services, and customize the UI components to match your application's branding and design.

How does ChatBotKit ensure the security and privacy of conversational data?

ChatBotKit takes security and privacy seriously. The SDKs implement industry-standard security practices, including encryption, authentication, and access controls, to safeguard your conversational data. ChatBotKit adheres to stringent data protection regulations and follows best practices to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Can I integrate ChatBotKit with other third-party services and APIs?

Yes, ChatBotKit SDKs are designed to be extensible and flexible. You can easily integrate with third-party services and APIs to enhance the capabilities of your chatbot. Whether you want to integrate with CRM systems, databases, or external AI services, the SDKs provide the necessary hooks and utilities to seamlessly connect with external systems.

Are there any limitations on the number of chatbots or messages I can build with ChatBotKit?

ChatBotKit offers flexible pricing plans to accommodate various usage requirements. The limits on the number of chatbots and messages depend on the plan you choose. You can start with the free tier to explore the capabilities of ChatBotKit and upgrade to higher tiers as your needs grow. Refer to the pricing page for more details on the available plans and their limits.

How can I get support if I encounter any issues or have questions about the ChatBotKit SDKs?

ChatBotKit provides comprehensive support to help you along your chatbot development journey. You can refer to the SDK documentation, which includes detailed guides, API references, and code examples. If you encounter any issues or have specific questions, you can reach out to the ChatBotKit support team through the provided support channels or by filing a support ticket.

Can I use ChatBotKit SDKs for commercial projects?

Yes, ChatBotKit SDKs can be used for both personal and commercial projects. The SDKs are licensed under a permissive open-source license, allowing you to build and deploy chatbots for commercial purposes. However, make sure to review and comply with the terms and conditions of the specific license under which the SDKs are distributed.