Discover the power of the ChatBotKit API - your solution for integrating cutting-edge AI functionality into your applications. With token-based authorization, action-based approach, and support for pagination and streaming, our API offers flexibility and security. Check out our comprehensive API documentation and start exploring the possibilities today!

ChatBotKit API is your one-stop solution for integrating cutting-edge AI functionality into your applications. Our API is designed to be powerful yet flexible, offering a range of endpoints and features that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Key Features

  • Action-Based Approach: Our API is designed around actions, not just resources. Each resource supports a range of actions, such as listing, creating, updating, and more. This dynamic approach allows for greater flexibility and closer alignment with your application's needs.
  • Token-Based Authorization: We prioritize security and convenience. Our token-based authorization system lets you create tokens for accessing the API, and even generate scoped tokens for specific resources and actions.
  • User Assumption: Need to switch context to a sub-account? Our API supports that too! Perfect for parent-child account relationship configurations.
  • Pagination and Streaming: Handle large datasets with ease. Our API supports cursor-based pagination and streaming, to help you efficiently navigate and pull large quantities of data.

Using the ChatBotKit API

Here’s a glimpse of what working with our API looks like. Here is how to list you conversations:

GET /v1/conversation/list HTTP/1.1 Host: Authorization: Bearer {your_token_here}

Here is how to use our streaming capabilities to receive messages:

POST /v1/conversation/complete HTTP/1.1 Host: Authorization: Bearer {your_token_here} Accept: application/jsonl {"text": "Hello"} HTTP/1.1 200 OK Conten-Type: application/jsonl Transfer-Encoding: chunked {"type": "token", "token": "Hi"} {"type": "token", "token": "there"} {"type": "token", "token": "!"}

All list and completion endpoints support streaming responses in multiple formats such as application/jsonl and text/csv.

Dive Deeper

Ready to explore more? Our comprehensive API documentation provides everything you need to start integrating ChatBotKit into your applications. For the full experience, please visit our OpenAPI specification page.