Discover the power of ChatBotKit Partner API for effortless SaaS development. Create sub-accounts with unique configurations and limits, and enjoy greater customization and control.

ChatBotKit Partner API is designed specifically for creating SaaS solutions atop ChatBotKit, leveraging a dynamic parent-child account relationship. It's the first of its kind, aiming to simplify the development of AI SaaS solutions.

Key Features

  • Effortless SaaS Development: Simplify your SaaS solutions with our Partner API. Create separate sub-accounts with unique limits, restrictions, and configurations.
  • Unique Account Management: Each sub-account operates independently, hosting its own conversations and settings, providing greater customization and control.
  • Comprehensive SDK Implementation: Fully implemented within our SDK, the Partner API offers a seamless and efficient integration experience.
  • Integration with Popular Frameworks: We support direct integrations with popular frameworks such as NextAuth.js, making it even easier to incorporate our Partner API into your projects.

Using the ChatBotKit Partner API

Here's a taste of what you can do with our Partner API:

POST /v1/partner/user/create HTTP/1.1 Host: Authorization: Bearer {your_token_here} Content-Type: application/json { "name": "New SaaS Client" } HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: application/json { "id": "sub_account_user_id" }

This request will create a new sub-account under a partner account, each with its own configurations and limits.

And when it comes to interacting with these sub-accounts, it's as simple as adding an extra header to your request:

POST /v1/conversation/{conversation_id}/complete HTTP/1.1 Host: Authorization: Bearer {your_token_here} X-RunAs-UserId: {sub_account_user_id} Content-Type: application/json { "text": "Hi there!" }

This request completes a specific conversation within the context of a sub-account. Just substitute {conversation_id} with the ID of the conversation you want to complete and {sub_account_user_id} with the ID of the sub-account you're operating in.

Dive Deeper

Ready to start building your SaaS solution with conversational AI? Our comprehensive Partner API documentation provides everything you need to get started. For the full experience, please visit our OpenAPI specification page.

Join us in the era of SaaS development. Unleash the power of ChatBotKit Partner API - because when it comes to building SaaS solutions, we believe in making things easier, not harder.