Learn how to create and manage contacts in ChatBotKit, a powerful tool for streamlining communication and data management.

The Contacts feature in ChatBotKit provides a centralized system for managing interactions with individuals or organizations. This feature allows users to create, update, and delete contacts, streamlining communication and data management across various chatbot integrations.

Creating and Managing Contacts

1. Manual Creation of Contacts:

To manually create a contact in ChatBotKit:

  • Navigate to the 'Contacts' section from the dashboard.
  • Click on the 'Create Contact' button.
  • Fill in the contact details:
    • Name: The name of the individual or organization.
    • Description: A brief description of the contact.
    • Email: Email address of the contact.
    • Phone: Phone number of the contact.

Once you fill in these details, click 'Create' to save the contact to your list. You can later access this list to edit or update contact information as needed.

2. Automatic Creation Through Integrations:

Contacts can also be automatically created through various integrations within ChatBotKit, such as the Email and Widget integrations. This automation facilitates the seamless gathering and storing of contact details as users interact with your chatbot, enhancing lead generation and support processes.

  • Email Integration: When enabled, the chatbot can collect contact details from emails received, creating and updating contacts automatically.
  • Widget Integration: Similarly, the widget integration can gather user information directly from interactions on your website or application, automatically populating your contacts database.

Associating Contacts with Conversations

ChatBotKit allows associating contacts with conversations. This association helps personalize interactions and provides a cohesive communication history with each contact. You can view associated conversations directly within the contact's profile, giving you a comprehensive view of past interactions and context for future engagements.

The Contacts feature in ChatBotKit is a powerful tool for managing relationships with your chatbot's users. By combining manual and automated contact creation, along with the ability to associate these contacts with specific conversations, ChatBotKit enhances your ability to deliver personalized and effective communication.

For more information or specific configurations, refer to the ChatBotKit documentation or contact the support team for assistance.