ChatBotKit Files is a core feature that provides centralized file management, integration with datasets, and asset storage for widgets.

ChatBotKit Files is a core feature designed to manage and store various types of files across the platform. This functionality plays a crucial role in several ChatBotKit features, including Datasets and Widget Integrations. By providing a centralized system for file management, Files facilitates the storage, retrieval, and synchronization of documents and assets across different components of the ChatBotKit ecosystem.

Key Features

Centralized File Management

ChatBotKit Files offers a unified interface for uploading, storing, and managing files. This centralization simplifies the way files are handled across different features, ensuring consistency and ease of access.

Integration with Datasets

In the context of Datasets, Files allows users to store documents that are directly linked to dataset records. This integration ensures that any updates to the documents are automatically synchronized with the corresponding records, keeping data up-to-date and aligned with the latest files.

Asset Storage for Widgets

Files is also instrumental in storing assets for widgets, such as bot images, title images, and other visual elements. This capability ensures that widgets maintain a consistent and professional appearance, enhancing user interactions and engagement.

Seamless Access and Retrieval

Files stored within ChatBotKit can be easily accessed and retrieved through API calls or the platform interface. This seamless access supports efficient workflows and integration with other features, facilitating a smooth operational experience.