Integrate ChatBotKit with your Telegram bot to create powerful conversational AI chatbots. Engage effectively with your Telegram audience. Follow the steps to set up your bot on Telegram and integrate it with ChatBotKit.

Integrating ChatBotKit with your Telegram bot allows you to create a powerful conversational AI chatbots that can engage with your Telegram audience effectively. This documentation outlines the steps required to set up your bot on Telegram, integrate it with ChatBotKit platform.


Before starting the integration process, ensure you have:

  • A valid Telegram account.
  • Access to ChatBotKit.

Step 1: Creating Your Telegram Bot

  1. Start a Chat with BotFather: BotFather is the official bot on Telegram that allows users to create and manage their bots. To start, search for @BotFather in the Telegram app and initiate a conversation.
  2. Create a New Bot: Type /newbot and send it to BotFather. You'll be prompted to give your bot a name and then a username. The username must end with bot (e.g., example_bot).
  3. Save Your Bot Token: Upon successful creation, BotFather will provide you with a token. This token is essential for integrating your bot with ChatBotKit. Keep it secure and accessible.

Step 2: Integrating Your Telegram Bot with ChatBotKit

  1. Log In to ChatBotKit: Navigate to your ChatBotKit Integrations.
  2. Add Telegram Integration: Click on the "Even More Integration" button and select "Telegram Bot" from the list of available integrations.
  3. Configure Integration Details:
    • Bot Token: Enter the bot token you received from BotFather.
    • Name (Optional): Provide a name for your integration. This is useful for identifying it later, especially if you manage multiple bots.
    • Description (Optional): You can also add a description for your own reference.
  4. Save and Activate Integration: After entering the required details, save the integration. Your Telegram bot is now connected to ChatBotKit but not yet active.
  5. Activate Integration: Click the "Setup" button. This action automatically configures a webhook for your Telegram bot, allowing ChatBotKit to receive messages sent to your bot.

Your Telegram bot is now integrated with ChatBotKit, ready to engage with your audience. Explore ChatBotKit’s features to enhance your bot’s capabilities, such as adding custom responses, integrating with other services, and analyzing user interactions to improve engagement.