Overview of ChatBotKit Playgrounds. Learn how to use Playgrounds to build advanced conversation AI chatbots.

ChatBotKit comes with a set of tools that allow you to quickly build a chatbot that can interact with users naturally. We call these tools the ChatBotKit Playgrounds.


The Conversation Playground is the core of ChatBotKit. It provides an intuitive way to create a conversation with a chatbot. It allows you to define the flow of conversations, specify responses and reactions based on user input, and define the logic of how the chatbot should respond. All of this is programmed using natural language.


The Situation Playground helps you test a chatbot's reactions to various situations. You can define the context of a conversation, the type of user input, and the expected response from the chatbot. Here you can quickly modify the base AI model and other advanced settings.

The Situation Playground is the perfect way to test a chatbot's understanding of specific problems and get a feeling of how it reacts. You can also use it to debug problems and identify areas of improvement.


The Entity Playground playground helps you understand how personal information such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers are interpreted by a chatbot and protected. Entities are automatically detected and obfuscated by the chatbot, so you can ensure that user data is always kept secure.