Integrate ChatBotKit with your Facebook Messenger to deploy powerful conversational AI and engage effectively with your Messenger audience.

Integrating ChatBotKit with your Facebook Messenger allows you to deploy powerful conversational AI that can engage effectively with your Messenger audience. This documentation outlines the necessary steps to set up your Messenger bot and integrate it with the ChatBotKit platform.


Before starting the integration process, ensure you have:

  • A valid Facebook account and a Facebook Page.
  • Access to ChatBotKit.
  • Administrative rights to manage the Messenger settings for your Facebook Page.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Messenger Bot

  1. Access Your Facebook Page: Log in to Facebook and go to the Page you want to use for the bot.
  2. Visit Page Settings: Click on "Settings" at the top of your Page, then select "Messaging" in the left sidebar.
  3. Configure Your Messenger Settings: In the messaging settings, enable the option to allow people to contact your Page privately by clicking the "Add Messenger to your website" button.

Step 2: Obtaining Essential Tokens

  1. Generate Access Token:
    • Navigate to the Facebook Developer Portal and select your app connected to the Page.
    • Under "Messenger" settings, generate a new token by selecting the Page you want to integrate.
    • Save this Access Token securely as it will be needed for integration.
  2. Setup Webhook:
    • In the same Messenger settings, click on 'Setup Webhooks'.
    • Here, you will enter the callback URL and a verify token that you will receive from ChatBotKit.
  3. Verify Token:
    • ChatBotKit will provide a Verify Token. Copy and use this token in the webhook setup on Facebook to verify the connection between ChatBotKit and Messenger.

Step 3: Integrating Your Messenger Bot with ChatBotKit

  1. Log In to ChatBotKit: Navigate to your ChatBotKit Integrations.
  2. Add Messenger Integration: Click on the "Even more integrations" button and select "Messenger" from the list of available integrations.
  3. Configure Integration Details:
    • Access Token: Enter the access token you received from the Facebook Developer Portal.
    • Callback Endpoint: Copy the callback endpoint provided by ChatBotKit and set it up as the Webhook Callback URL in the Facebook Messenger settings.
    • Verify Token: Enter the verify token provided by ChatBotKit into the Facebook Messenger settings to establish the connection.
  4. Save and Activate Integration: After entering the required details, save the integration. Your Messenger bot is now connected to ChatBotKit but not yet active.
  5. Activate Integration: Click the "Setup" button on ChatBotKit. This action configures the webhook for your Messenger bot, allowing ChatBotKit to receive and respond to messages sent to your bot.

Your Messenger bot is now integrated with ChatBotKit, ready to interact dynamically with your audience. Leverage ChatBotKit’s advanced AI features to craft custom responses, integrate with other services, and analyze user interactions to continuously refine and enhance engagement.