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Learn about the advanced content moderation features provided by ChatBotKit to ensure the safety and integrity of bot-user interactions. Enable content scanning, language detection, and automatic refusal to protect against harmful and inappropriate content.

ChatBotKit comes with advanced content moderation features that are essential for maintaining the integrity and safety of bot-user interactions. By utilizing these features, developers can ensure that the content generated by and for their bots remains respectful, safe, and free from harmful language.


  1. Content Scanning: Once content moderation is enabled, all incoming and outgoing content will be meticulously scanned.
  2. Language Detection: The system can recognize harmful, hateful, and other types of inappropriate language.
  3. Automatic Refusal: If flagged content is detected, the bot will automatically refuse to respond, ensuring that harmful content doesn't get propagated.

Enabling Content Moderation

To enable content moderation for your bots and integrations:

  1. Go to the Bot Advanced Settings.
  2. Toggle the Moderation switch to ON.

Remember: Once enabled, all content – both incoming and outgoing – will be subject to content moderation. This ensures a comprehensive shield against potential harm.

How it Works

  • When a user sends a message to the bot, ChatBotKit will scan the content before processing.
  • If inappropriate language or content is detected, the message will be flagged.
  • The bot will not process flagged content and will instead send a default refusal message. This ensures that inappropriate prompts don't result in any undesired responses.
  • You view flagged content in your conversations.
  • You will receive an email notification if a message is flagged for moderation.