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An innovative platform that simplifies the creation and management of forms for data entry, feedback, quizzes, and more.

Today we announce the launch of - an application designed to simplify the creation and management of forms for data entry, feedback, quizzes, and other interactive engagements using cutting-edge conversational AI and generative UI technologies. leverages advanced AI to render forms dynamically based on user requirements and input. It intelligently adjusts and updates in real-time, ensuring that inputs are valid and that the context of previous interactions enhances current responses. The tool's ability to ask follow-up questions and clarify ambiguous answers ensures a deeper understanding of user needs and enhances data accuracy. embodies our commitment to empowering users with the tools to seamlessly integrate AI into everyday tasks. Our technology is designed not just to collect data, but to engage with users in a meaningful way, making interactions simpler and more productive. draws inspiration from our recent tech demo which showcased the potential of the ChatBotKit SDK for creating powerful AI-driven interactions. With this release, is now available free of charge, inviting users from educational sectors, marketing, product management, and more, to enhance their operational efficiency and customer engagement.

You will also find FormShare powering the feedback buttons on our website and elsewhere, helping us better understand and meet our customers' needs.

Users can access FormShare immediately. Our mission is to enable businesses and organizations looking to harness the power of conversational AI to meet their diverse data collection needs.

Use today absolutely free!