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New Pricing Table

Transform your chatbot development with ChatBotKit's new pricing table.

We are excited to announce a transformative update to our pricing table, designed to provide more value and flexibility for our customers. This new structure offers access to an expanded selection of models and significant cost savings, making ChatBotKit the leading platform for chatbot development in terms of both features and affordability.

With our new pricing table, customers now have more models than ever before available for direct consumption. This expansion ensures that developers have the tools they need to create sophisticated and high-performing conversational AI agents tailored to their specific requirements. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, ChatBotKit has the right model for your needs.

Our commitment to affordability is evident in our revised pricing structure. For example, customers on our basic plan can now access up to 12 million GPT-3.5 tokens, depending on their use case. This change not only reduces costs but also maximizes value, enabling more businesses to leverage advanced AI technology without breaking the bank.

At ChatBotKit, we understand the vital role developers play in building innovative conversational AI solutions. Our new pricing table is designed to support and empower these developers by providing more resources and flexibility. By offering a range of models and generous token allocations, we are helping developers push the boundaries of what's possible in chatbot technology.

With these changes, ChatBotKit reaffirms our position as the leading platform for conversational AI development. Our combination of extensive model availability, competitive pricing, and developer support sets us apart from the competition. We are dedicated to continuing our tradition of innovation and excellence, ensuring our customers have the best tools at their disposal.