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Bring Your Own Key and Custom Models Feature

ChatBotKit introduces a groundbreaking custom model feature that supports "Bring Your Own Key" (BYOK) integrations and fine-tuned models.

We are excited to announce the launch of ChatBotKit’s innovative custom model feature. This new capability focuses on providing cost-effective, scalable, and highly customizable AI options by supporting "Bring Your Own Key" (BYOK) integrations and fine-tuned models. Initial partnerships include leading AI providers OpenAI and Mistral, with planned expansions to include AWS Bedrock and Groq.

In an era where cost optimization is crucial, ChatBotKit’s custom model feature introduces a significant advantage. BYOK (bring your own key) caters to cost-sensitive customers, allowing them to leverage pre-existing investments, research grants, or other resources to integrate custom models into their ChatBotKit configurations without additional expenditures. Users can now utilize their own licenses or keys to deploy leading AI technologies seamlessly within ChatBotKit’s framework, ensuring both cost-efficiency and high performance.

Apart from cost management, this feature also emphasizes the integration of fine-tuned models, enabling businesses to enhance their chatbot interactions with specialized AI that has been adapted to specific sectors, languages, or customer service scenarios. This capability ensures that chatbots are not only more relevant and precise but also more effective in engaging users and delivering tailored responses based on the unique characteristics of the business.

We are proud to introduce this pivotal feature, which not only underscores our dedication to innovation but also our commitment to our customers' operational needs. By enabling BYOK and supporting fine-tuned models, we are opening up new possibilities for cost management and customization that align with our users' diverse needs and existing AI ecosystems.

Looking forward, we plans to further extend its model integrations to include AWS Bedrock and Groq, aligning with our commitment to provide the most advanced and versatile AI solutions. These future integrations will allow businesses to access a broader range of cutting-edge AI models, fostering innovation and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

For more information how to use this feature please review ChatBotKit Models Documentation.