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WhatsApp Contact Collection Support

Efficiently link conversations to contact records, capturing essential information and improving engagement strategies.

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Contact Collection capability within our WhatsApp Integration. This new feature enhances customer interaction management by efficiently linking conversations to the respective contact records.

The Contact Collection feature, while powerful, is designed with user privacy and choice in mind; it is disabled by default to ensure customers have control over their data collection preferences. Customers interested in utilizing this feature must enable it first, providing flexibility and adhering to privacy standards.

Once enabled, the feature automatically links all incoming conversations with the AI bot to the correct Contact record, capturing essential information such as the user’s name and WhatsApp phone number. This data collection extends beyond simple lead generation; it is instrumental in organizing conversations into logical groups per customer, thereby enhancing the management and analysis of customer interactions.

This new capability is a significant step forward in how businesses can manage and utilize customer data effectively within WhatsApp. By ensuring that conversations are not only captured but also correctly categorized, businesses can enhance their engagement strategies, improve customer service, and drive sales with greater efficiency.

To enable the Contact Collection feature, customers can visit their ChatBotKit WhatsApp Integration settings where they can activate this option and start benefiting from a more organized and insightful customer interaction system.

For more information on how to enable and utilize the Contact Collection feature within your WhatsApp integration, please visit our documentation.