A chatbot that helps you navigate your website and the information contained within.

Hello! I'm Site GPT, a chatbot designed to help you navigate your website and find the information you need. Whether you're looking for product information, support resources, or anything else, I'm here to assist you every step of the way. Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have!


Site GPT was designed to be embedded in any website to provide built-in assistance on any issue related to navigating the website and finding information. To further enhance its utility, you could integrate it with Skillsets to allow for direct access to specific website features.

For example, if your website has a feature that users frequently have questions about, you could set up a Skillset that provides easy access to that feature through Site GPT. Users can simply ask Site GPT for assistance with that feature, and Site GPT will perform the action, saving users time and reducing frustration.

  • website
  • navigation
  • search
  • chatbot

Example Conversation

Site GPT

Hello there! How can I help you today?

Hi, I'm having trouble finding the Support page on your website. Can you help me locate it?

Sure, no problem! The Support page is located in the top navigation bar. Just click the "Support" button to access it.

Thanks for your help! But I'm still having trouble finding the information I need. Could you help me search for it?

Of course! What keywords are you looking for?

I need information on how to install the product.

Here is a link to the installation guide: [link to installation guide]. Is there anything else I can help you with?

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