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Significant Increase in Fetch Limits Across All Platform Tiers

Significant increase in fetch limits across all platform tiers. ChatBotKit announces a remarkable update, empowering users to automate a larger collection of tasks with their chatbots.

We are excited to announce a substantial increase in the total fetch limits across its entire platform. This remarkable update targets users utilizing the skillset fetch action for pulling data from websites and APIs, enabling them to add an even greater number of automations.

Fetch limits pertain to the number of times a chatbot, using the skillset fetch action, can retrieve specific content from a webpage or an API. This increase in limits empowers users to automate an even larger collection of tasks, optimizing their chatbot efficiency and functionality.

The fetch action upgrade spans across all seven subscription tiers Free, Trial, Starter, Basic, Pro, ProPlus, Team, and Ultimate. Each updated plan now accommodates:

  • Free Tier: Up to 250 requests
  • Trial Tier: Up to 2,500 requests
  • Starter and Basic Tiers: Fetch limit from 2,500 to 5,000 requests
  • Pro and ProPlus Tiers: Fetch limit from 25,000 to 50,000 requests
  • Team Tier: Fetch limit from 125,000 to 250,000 requests
  • Ultimate Tier: Unlimited fetch requests

For more detailed information about these enhancements, existing users can check the updated limits via their billing section at ChatBotKit Billing. Potential users or those interested in understanding the plans and corresponding limits in detail can review the information at ChatBotKit Platform Limits.

ChatBotKit is committed to continually enhance the capabilities and performance of its service offerings that enable users to keep pace with the evolving landscape of automated chatbot technology. This recent development underscores ChatBotKit's ongoing dedication to exceptional user experience and the company's pursuit to stay ahead in delivering cutting-edge technology to its users.