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New Enhancements to Dataset Configuration for Improved Customization

Enhancements to Dataset configuration options provide developers and businesses with greater control and flexibility in managing and utilizing their datasets.

We are excited to announce significant enhancements to our Dataset configuration options. These improvements are designed to give developers and businesses more control and flexibility in how they manage and utilize their datasets.

The latest update introduces two critical features: the ability to define custom text separators and the addition of the "Search Min Score" field. These enhancements are geared towards optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of data handling within chatbots.

Enhanced Features Include:

  • Custom Text Separators: Users can now specify custom separators for text tokenization, which allows for more precise data parsing according to the unique needs of each application.
  • Search Min Score: This new setting enables users to set a minimum score threshold for search results, ensuring that only the most relevant records are retrieved. This feature is particularly useful for improving the accuracy of data retrieval in complex datasets.

These new features represent our commitment to providing customizable solutions that meet the diverse needs of our users. With these enhancements, our clients can enjoy greater control over their datasets, leading to more efficient data management and more accurate, context-aware responses from their chatbots.

The new dataset configuration options are available immediately and can be accessed through the ChatBotKit platform. These updates are part of ChatBotKit's ongoing efforts to refine and enhance the capabilities of its products to better serve the evolving needs of businesses and developers around the world.