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Enhance Interaction with New Advanced Options in ChatBotKit Widget

Learn about the new advanced options in ChatBotKit Widget that enhance user interaction, including Auto Scroll and Start First features. Elevate user experience, encourage engagement, and create a seamless conversation flow. Try these features today and see the difference in user engagement and satisfaction.

We are excited to announce that the ChatBotKit Widget now offers two remarkable additions in the Advanced Options configuration, providing an enhanced user experience:

  1. Auto Scroll: No more manual scrolling! With the Auto Scroll feature enabled, the widget will automatically scroll during your interactions, ensuring you always see the latest exchange without lifting a finger.
  2. Start First: Let your bot take the initiative! With the Start First option, your bot will kickstart the conversation even before the user does, creating a welcoming and engaging environment from the get-go.

These features are designed with user engagement and ease of use in mind:

  • Enhanced Engagement: The Start First option encourages interaction by creating a friendly, proactive conversation environment. Your users will be greeted by the bot’s message, making them more likely to engage and interact. It's a perfect way to make the first move and guide the user through the conversation flow you've designed.
  • Seamless Interaction: The Auto Scroll feature ensures that the conversation flows smoothly without any manual intervention. It eliminates the need to manually scroll through the conversation, which is especially beneficial in lengthy dialogues. Your users will appreciate the effortless navigation, making their interaction with your bot a breeze.

By utilizing these new features, you're not only elevating the user experience but also creating a more dynamic and interactive environment for your users. Explore these new features and see the difference they make in user engagement and satisfaction.