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Code Formatting Capabilities for the AI Widget

The AI Widget now supports code formatting, making it an essential tool for technical websites.

We are excited to announces that the AI Widget now supports for code formatting. This update transforms the AI Widget into an essential tool for technical websites, including those focusing on documentation and developer resources. Now, the widget can display code snippets in a clear, structured format with syntax highlighting, catering to websites offering coding assistance, technical support, or instructional content.

The new code formatting feature is particularly beneficial for technical users, offering a direct, efficient way to interact with code. Through the chat interface, users can access code examples, coding tips, and a wide range of technical information in a visually appealing format. A showcased example of this functionality is the Coding Assistant on ChatBotKit's website, demonstrating the widget's ability to support software development and technical content creation interactively.

The AI Widget offers an automatic code formatting feature. This means that all the text, whether it is entered by the user or generated by the bot, will undergo an automatic conversion. The widget is designed to recognize any piece of code within the text. Once detected, the code is then automatically converted into its appropriate format. This feature saves time and ensures a consistent, readable format for code, making it easier for users to follow and understand the code sections within the text.

This update reflects ChatBotKit's commitment to expanding the AI Widget's functionality, catering to the diverse needs of users across industries. It opens up new possibilities for technical websites to enhance user experience by making complex information more accessible through conversational AI.

For more information on utilizing this capability to enrich your technical website, visit our AI Widget documentation.