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AI Widget Layout Option

New layout options for AI Widget are now available, allowing users to customize the appearance and behavior of the widget. Choose between the default

In its continuous effort to provide more versatile and user-friendly AI solutions, we are excited to announce the introduction of new layout options for its AI Widget. This update introduces a significant enhancement in the customization of how the widgets are displayed on the screen, offering users a tailored experience that best fits their specific needs and scenarios.

The two new layout options are:

  • Popover: The default layout, where the widget popup appears over the widget button, providing a seamless and integrated look.
  • Popout: An alternative layout option where the popup is centered in the middle of the screen, making it a focal point for user interaction.

These layout options can be easily controlled via the layout property during the widget initialization process. Additionally, they can be set manually when creating the widget component, offering further flexibility and control over the widget's appearance and behavior.

The introduction of layout options enables the creation of more engaging and aesthetically pleasing interfaces, supporting a variety of scenarios such as AI-native search interfaces, interactive AI consultations, and much more. By allowing users to select the layout that best suits their website or application's design and functionality, ChatBotKit enhances the overall user experience and engagement with the AI Widget.

Implementing the new layout options is straightforward. During setup you can select the correct layout. Alternatively, during initialization of the AI Widget, simply specify your preferred layout by setting the layout property to either popover or popout.

The new layout options are expected to benefit a broad range of industries and applications, from e-commerce platforms seeking to enhance customer interaction to educational websites aiming to provide interactive learning experiences. The ability to customize the widget's layout enables businesses and developers to leverage the AI Widget in ways that were previously unattainable, opening up new possibilities for engagement and interaction with users.

For more information on how to leverage these new features, visit the AI Widget documentation.