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ChatBotKit Situation Playground Now Supports Datasets and Skillsets!

ChatBotKit Situation Playground now supports datasets and skillsets, allowing for testing and refining chatbot responses. Create innovative chatbots today!

We are excited to announce that ChatBotKit Situation Playground now supports both datasets and skillsets. With this new feature, you can test exactly how your backstory and dialogue develop in combination with your dataset records and skillset abilities.

This new feature will help you to create even better chatbots by allowing you to test and refine your chatbot's responses to different inputs. With the ability to simulate different scenarios, you can now fine-tune your chatbot's responses and make sure that it is providing the best possible experience for your users.

We hope that this new feature will be useful to you and we are excited to see the innovative chatbots that you create using ChatBotKit Situation Playground!