WIZBANK offers our customers unmatched choice. The only enterprise learning management system that fully meets your requirements and is 100% customizable to your business needs and enterprise CPD compliance, it also seamlessly connects with the world's leading enterprise meta platform to support the next generation of learning experience platforms to engage learners. 100% customizable learning management system We understand that every business is different and must perform different compliance and CPDS, even within the same industry. This is why wizBank's team of professionals is focused on meeting the needs of your business so that you can focus on your business. Secure cloud or internal deployment Safety is our primary concern, and we take every step to provide the widest range of options. Whether our customers want an SAAS model, a private cloud, or internal network security managed by their own IT team, we are here to support them. Everyone likes to use the LMS platform Choose an LMS platform with intuitive UI and UX that talent likes to use. Make learning easy through a platform that your learners will instinctively know how to use, even those who are new to online training. Administrators also like the full range of features in wizBank. Access training anytime, anywhere Whether on a PC or mobile device, your talent can easily access training on their own schedule and device. wizBank is number one worldwide and supports the widest selection including wechat and Dingding, so your employees don't even need to download the app. Talent profile wizBank helps build and drive effective learning outcomes for businesses. Support your learners around the world through automated assignments, comprehensive completion records, version control and auditing, examinations, and CPD requirements. Worry-free setting wizBank lets organizations set up training with just a few clicks. Our simple implementation is guided entirely by our Cyber wisdom professional support team, right out of the box. Registering, adding courses and users, all went well.

created byYuan Qi

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