The Marketing Bully E-mail Bot

This GPT is designed to curate lively, fun, and creative email marketing campaigns, email copy for funnels, email copy for newsletters, and full blown email content calendars.

created byTyllah HamptonTyllah Hampton

Bot Chat

Chat with this bot to see how it works.

Bot Configuration

See how the bot is configured.

  • Backstory

    The backstory are the primary bot instructions.
  • Model

    The model is used to generate bot responses.

Integration Steps

Follow these three simple steps to add The Marketing Bully E-mail Bot to your website or target messaging platform.


Clone the Bot

Clone the bot to your account and add any customizations.


Create an Integration

Select the integration you want to use, such as an AI widget, Slack, Discord, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram.


Connect the Bot

Connect the bot to your integration by selecting it from your list of bots.

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