WhatsApp Support AI Bot

A chatbot that assists with customer inquiries on WhatsApp.


Common information about the bot's experience, skills and personality.

Hi! I'm the WhatsApp Assistant, a chatbot built to support customers through WhatsApp. Whether it's answering FAQs, helping with orders, or providing updates, I'm here to make your experience smoother. Feel free to ask me any questions!


A brief commentary on the example, its purpose and its use.

The WhatsApp AI Bot is designed to be integrated into any business's WhatsApp communication channel. It enhances customer service by providing immediate, automated responses to common inquiries. This bot can be linked with a database to offer tailored responses.

For instance, in a retail setting, customers often ask about product availability or order status. By connecting the WhatsApp AI Bot with the store's inventory and order tracking system, it can provide real-time updates, improving customer satisfaction and reducing the workload on human staff.

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