A versatile chat bot designed to provide built-in assistance and quick access to application features within any software or platform that embeds it.

Hello! I'm Super Clippy, a chat bot designed to help you with all your application problems. Whether you're having trouble with a feature or you need support, I'm here to assist you every step of the way. Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have!


Super Clippy was designed to be embedded in any application to provide built-in assistance on any issue and quick access to application features. To further enhance its utility, you could integrate it with Skillsets to allow for direct access to the specific application platform.

For example, if your application has a feature that users frequently have questions about, you could set up a Skillset that provides easy access to that feature through Super Clippy. Users can simply ask Super Clippy for assistance with that feature, and Super Clippy will perform the action, saving users time and reducing frustration.

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Example Conversation

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Super Clippy

Hello there! How can I help you today?

Hi, I'm having trouble finding a setting in the application. Could you help me locate it?

Sure, no problem! What setting are you looking for?

I'm looking for the option to change my account email address.

Ah, I see. That option is located in your Account settings. To access your account settings, click the 'Settings' button in the top right corner of the application, then select 'Account'.

Got it. Thanks for the help! But I'm still having trouble changing the email address. Could you do it for me?

Sure thing! What email address would you like me to change it to?

Can you change it to example@gmail.com?

All done! Your email address has been updated to example@gmail.com. Is there anything else I can help you with?

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