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Customizable Widget Integration with Markdown Buttons

Customizable Widget Integration with Markdown Buttons - Elevate user experience with interactive buttons in AI bots. Configure buttons for frequently asked questions and dynamic suggestions. Simplify user journey and enhance user-bot interactions.

We are thrilled to announce a major update that revolutionizes user interaction with our AI bots. Our latest enhancement features a customizable widget integration that supports interactive buttons, formatted effortlessly through markdown [Button text](). This cutting-edge feature is designed to elevate the user experience by making conversations more engaging and efficient.

This update allows users to integrate interactive buttons directly within the ChatBotKit widget. These buttons serve as intuitive prompts for questions or other forms of user interaction, significantly improving the conversational flow. A key aspect of this feature is the ability to configure the widget to display buttons containing the most frequently asked questions at its introduction. When users click these buttons, their questions are automatically prefilled and submitted to the bot for an immediate response.

Moreover, the new feature empowers bots to dynamically offer button suggestions during conversations. This is achieved by adding specific instructions to the bot's Backstory, enabling each answer from the bot to be accompanied by relevant, interactive button suggestions. This interactive approach not only provides immediate and relevant answers but also guides users to additional information, enriching the conversational experience.

For example, a user might ask about the services provided by a company. The ChatBotKit-powered bot can respond with the requested information and also present interactive buttons for further queries:

We offer a range of services including digital marketing, web development, and graphic design. Would you like to know more about: [Digital Marketing Services]() [Web Development Projects]() [Graphic Design Portfolio]()

In this scenario, the user is not only informed about the services but also given direct access to detailed information about each specific area, making the experience more engaging and informative.

ChatBotKit's commitment to improving conversational AI is embodied in this latest update. By integrating interactive buttons into the widget, we are simplifying the user journey and enhancing the overall quality of user-bot interactions. This innovation is a testament to our dedication to providing advanced and user-friendly conversational AI solutions.

For more information about this exciting new feature, check out the docs.