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ChatBotKit Skillsets now record skillset action events!

Learn about the new feature in ChatBotKit Skillsets that allows customers to record skillset action events. Gain full visibility into the actions performed by chatbots and analyze their outcomes to enhance performance and user experience.

We are excited to announce that ChatBotKit Skillsets now have the capability to record skillset action events. This means that customers who use ChatBotKit Skillsets can now have full visibility into the actions being performed and the results of these actions.

This new feature is incredibly valuable for service improvements, as well as for debugging and troubleshooting any issues with the Skillset abilities. With the ability to access all events in the Event Log associated with each Skillset or Ability, customers can easily track and analyze the actions taken by their chatbots. By having a clear understanding of what actions are being executed and their outcomes, customers can make informed decisions to enhance their chatbot's performance and deliver a better user experience.

We are thrilled to provide this powerful feature to our customers and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on their chatbot development process.

Thank you for choosing ChatBotKit!