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ChatBotKit Introduces a Dedicated Command Line Interface (CLI) Tool with its Node SDK

ChatBotKit introduces a dedicated Command Line Interface (CLI) tool integrated within its Node SDK. This CLI tool revolutionizes the way developers interact with the ChatBotKit platform by providing direct access to the ChatBotKit API. With this tool, developers can easily create, modify, and engage with AI bots directly from their command line, enhancing efficiency and streamlining the bot development process.

Today, we announce the launch of a dedicated Command Line Interface (CLI) tool integrated within its Node SDK. This innovative tool, which is now readily available for developers, is set to revolutionize the way they interact with the ChatBotKit platform.

The CLI tool can be easily installed globally using npm, with the command npm install --global @chatbotkit/cli. This straightforward installation process promises to streamline developers' workflow by providing them with direct access to the ChatBotKit API.

With this robust CLI tool, developers can interact directly with a multitude of platform resources, including Bots, Datasets, and Skillsets, to name just a few. It's an all-in-one tool that allows developers to manipulate and manage key aspects of the ChatBotKit platform directly from their command line.

One of the most exciting features of this new CLI tool is the ability to create and interact with AI bots directly. Developers can now build, modify, and engage with their AI bots without ever leaving their terminal. This not only simplifies the process but also significantly improves the speed and efficiency of bot development.

We are thrilled to introduce this new CLI tool to our Node SDK. It's a game-changer for our developers, significantly enhancing their ability to manage and interact with our platform resources. This tool represents our commitment to continually providing innovative solutions that make AI bot development more accessible and efficient.

Developers are encouraged to explore the CLI tool and discover the advantages it brings to their workflow. It's time to welcome a new era of AI bot development, where creativity and efficiency go hand in hand.

For more information about the ChatBotKit CLI tool and how to get started, visit our GitHub page.