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ChatBotKit Datasets Now Support File Attachments

ChatBotKit Datasets now support file attachments, allowing for easy resyncing and refreshing of records. Learn how this new feature can improve your ChatBotKit experience!

We are excited to announce that ChatBotKit Datasets now support file attachments! Traditionally, when importing a dataset, it is automatically translated into records, and the original file is not retained. This means that further training is not possible unless the same file is provided again. However, with our new file attachment feature, the original file (whether it's a PDF, DOCX, CSV, or any other file type) is attached to the dataset. This file is clearly visible to the user, and resyncing can be done with a single click.

This means that your datasets will automatically receive refreshed records, incorporating the latest data storage and access techniques adopted by the ChatBotKit Platform. We're excited to offer this new feature to our users, and we hope it will make your ChatBotKit experience even better!

Stay tuned for more updates and improvements as we continue to work on making ChatBotKit the best platform for building chatbots.