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ChatBotKit Dataset Records can now be automatically transformed to FAQ Records

ChatBotKit now allows for automatic transformation of dataset records to FAQs, resulting in higher quality chat conversations and improved user experience. Learn how to activate this feature and enhance your chatbot's accuracy.

We are excited to announce that the ChatBotKit Dataset Records can now be automatically transformed to FAQs Records. This new feature allows you to split out your data into frequently asked questions that are most likely to be answered by the chatbot. This results in a higher quality of chat conversations and a better overall user experience.

Consider the following blob of text:

Now, look at the automatic transformation performed by the Dataset Record Magic feature:

Not only we improve the quality of the record but also significantly decreased the number of tokens required to use in our conversations which means we have gain an additional 20% cost reduction.

To activate this feature, simply use the Record magic feature included in the Dataset Record text input. The improved quality of the dataset will help ensure that your chatbot is able to provide accurate and relevant answers to your users.

Thank you for using ChatBotKit, and we hope you enjoy this new feature.