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AI Widget Maximize Feature

AI Widget Maximize Feature - Enhance your interface experience with the new Maximize button in ChatBotKit's AI widget. Enjoy an expanded view of the widget, providing more space to interact with its content. Tailor your widget viewing experience with the Maximize feature.

We are excited to announce the launch of a new feature for its widely used AI widget: the Maximize button. This new feature is designed to provide users with an enhanced interface experience, enabling them to make the most of their screen real estate.

The Maximize feature is a user-friendly addition that allows the ChatBotKit widget to be expanded to utilise a larger portion of the user's screen. This feature is conveniently located in the Widget Advanced Options section and aptly named "Maximize". It is enabled by default, offering users an immediately accessible and improved viewing experience.

Once activated, the Maximize feature allows users to enjoy an expanded view of their AI widget. This enlarged display is particularly beneficial for users who need more space to view and interact with the widget's content. Subsequently, the widget can be minimized back to its original size with the same ease, providing a flexible and adaptable user interface experience.

ChatBotKit is committed to continually improving its AI technology and user interfaces to better serve its users. The Maximize feature is a significant step forward in this ongoing endeavor, enhancing the usability and flexibility of ChatBotKit's AI widgets.