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A secure vault for sensitive information

A secure vault for storing sensitive information, Secrets enhances the security and privacy of data within ChatBotKit services.

We are proud to announce the launch of "Secrets", a new feature designed to enhance the security and privacy of sensitive information used within ChatBotKit services. Currently available in beta, Secrets provides a secure repository where customers can store confidential data such as tokens, keys, and other types of credentials. These secrets can then be seamlessly integrated and utilized across ChatBotKit's platform, especially within Skillset Abilities, without exposing sensitive details to the model or the outside world.

The introduction of Secrets marks a significant milestone in ChatBotKit's commitment to providing secure and reliable conversational AI solutions. By enabling users to reference stored secrets directly in their ability actions with a simple syntax like ${SECRET_NAME}, ChatBotKit ensures that confidential information remains protected during every interaction.

Key Features of ChatBotKit Secrets:

  • Enhanced Security for Sensitive Data: Secrets acts as a secure vault, safeguarding tokens, keys, and credentials necessary for operating various services and APIs within ChatBotKit.
  • Seamless Integration with Skillset Abilities: Users can easily reference their stored secrets in Skillset Abilities, streamlining the process of performing secure actions and requests.
  • No Exposure of Sensitive Information: By using secrets, sensitive information required to perform requests is never sent to the underlaying model, maintaining data privacy and security.
  • Beta Availability for Comprehensive Testing: As Secrets is in beta, users have the opportunity to explore its functionalities and contribute feedback for further improvements.

How It Works: To utilize Secrets within ChatBotKit, users simply store their sensitive information in the Secrets vault. When creating or modifying a Skillset Ability that requires such information, the user references the secret directly in the action code using the format ${SECRET_NAME}. This method ensures that the sensitive data is securely accessed and used without exposing it to potential vulnerabilities.

At ChatBotKit, we recognize the paramount importance of security and privacy in today’s digital landscape. The introduction of Secrets is a testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguarding our users' sensitive information while providing them with the tools they need to create powerful and effective chatbot experiences. We are excited to see how Secrets will enhance the security and functionality of chatbot services across the board.

Secrets is now available in beta to all ChatBotKit users, inviting them to integrate this new level of security into their conversational AI applications. ChatBotKit is dedicated to refining and enhancing Secrets based on user feedback and experiences during the beta phase.