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New Interactive Method in Conversation Category

ChatBotKit introduces a new interactive method in the Conversation category to simplify the way customers interact with the API. Get greater value and a streamlined experience.

We are excited to announce that ChatBotKit API now includes a new method in the Conversation category! This latest addition allows our valued customers to interactively complete the next message in an array of messages.

This new feature is designed to simplify the way our customers interact with ChatBotKit API. With this new method, customers can easily complete the next message in a conversation thread, making the entire process much more streamlined and convenient.

We hope that this new feature will enhance the overall user experience for our customers and provide them with even greater value from ChatBotKit API. We are committed to continuously improving our platform and providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Thank you for choosing ChatBotKit API. We look forward to your feedback on this new feature and welcome any suggestions for future enhancements.