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Monitor and analyze system events in one place

Discover the new centralized Events view in ChatBotKit dashboard, where you can monitor and analyze all system events in one place. Troubleshoot issues, gain insights, and optimize your bots for better performance. Upgrade your ChatBotKit experience today!

We are excited to announce that the ChatBotKit dashboard now features a centralized view of all system events! With this update, you can easily monitor and analyze system events in one place.

To access the new Events view, navigate to the Events section within the Developer screens. This view allows you to troubleshoot any issues with ChatBotKit sub-systems and gain a detailed understanding of how your bots are performing.

Previously, events were visible for each individual integration, dashboard, and skillset. However, with this update, you can now see all events at once, providing a comprehensive overview of your ChatBotKit activities.

We believe that this centralized view will greatly enhance your experience with ChatBotKit and enable you to more effectively manage and optimize your bots. Check out the new Events view today!

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards, The ChatBotKit Team