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Major Update of ChatBotKit Whitelabel Solution

A turnkey platform that simplifies the technical challenges of launching a generative AI business, enabling developers to deploy their own AI-driven enterprises using ChatBotKit, Clerk, and Stripe.

Today we announce a significant update to our popular whitelabel solution, now integrated with the latest SDK, empowering developers to launch and manage their own generative AI businesses. This self-hosted platform is specifically tailored to streamline the creation and operation of AI-driven enterprises using top-tier technologies such as ChatBotKit, Clerk, and Stripe.

The updated whitelabel solution, designed for ease of use and flexibility, allows developers to rapidly deploy their generative AI platforms without the complexities traditionally associated with starting a tech business. This comprehensive suite includes everything needed to get started - from user management with Clerk to payment processing via Stripe, all built on the robust foundation of ChatBotKit's AI capabilities.

With our updated whitelabel solution, we are excited to offer developers a turnkey platform that simplifies the technical challenges of launching a generative AI business. This update not only enhances the capabilities of our platform but also makes entering the AI space more accessible to innovators everywhere.

Highlights of the updated whitelabel solution include:

  • Latest SDK Integration: Ensures that all components are up-to-date with the newest features and security enhancements.
  • Complete Suite of Technologies: From managing digital interactions to processing payments, all aspects are covered.
  • Easy Customization: Developers can tailor the platform to fit their business needs and branding requirements.

The updated version of the whitelabel solution is available now on GitHub. Developers can download and begin using the platform immediately to kickstart their generative AI ventures.