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Enhanced Sitemap Glob Rules

A significant update to our Sitemap Integration now allows users to have more control over the areas of their website included in the sitemap. Users can specify multiple glob strings, including negative globs that exclude specific content. This update provides greater customization and flexibility in sitemap configurations.

We are excited to announce a significant update to our Sitemap Integration. This new functionality provides users with more granular control over the areas of their website they wish to include in the sitemap.

Previously, sitemap configurations were determined by a single glob string, a parameter that specifies a path for inclusion in the sitemap. This method allowed only for the inclusion of one string at a time, limiting the flexibility and control users had over their configurations.

From now on, users will be able to specify multiple glob strings, greatly enhancing the level of customization available. Up until now, globs were strictly positive, meaning they denoted what to include. With the latest addition, users can now also use negative globs, which begin with a '!' sign, to specify what to exclude.

For instance, consider this example:

/** !/thoughts/mental-[models](/docs/models)

In the example given, the first glob rule (/**) instructs the bot to include all content. However, the negative glob rule (!/thoughts/mental-models) that follows specifies that a certain article should be excluded from the sitemap. This effectively gives users the power to fine-tune their sitemap configurations by both including and excluding specific content as needed.

This update reflects ChatBotKit's ongoing commitment to providing innovative, user-friendly solutions that offer our customers the utmost control and customization over their AI chatbot experience.