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Contextual Conversations Within Slack Channels

Contextual Conversations Within Slack Channels. Introducing "VisibleMessages" - a new feature that enhances the contextual understanding of AI bots in Slack channels.

We are excited to announce the introduction of a new feature that enhances the contextual understanding of AI bots. This feature, named "VisibleMessages", offers enhanced conversational capabilities within Slack channels by considering a set number of previous messages in the channel as context for new user-bot interactions.

By default, the visibleMessages flag is set to 0, which means that each new interaction with the bot starts a fresh conversation without any reference to previous messages in the channel. However, with this new feature, users can set the visibleMessages to any number they wish, allowing the bot to take into account the most recent messages when initiating a conversation.

For example, if visibleMessages is set to 10, the bot will consider the last ten messages in the channel as part of the context for the new conversation. This means that if a user shares a 'secret word' like "avocado" in one of the last ten messages, and then asks the bot about the 'secret word', the bot will correctly deduce that the secret word is "avocado".

This enhanced contextual understanding is particularly beneficial in support channels where error messages are shared via Slack webhooks. With the new feature enabled, users can ask the ChatBotKit AI bot to interpret and explain these error messages. The bot will be able to understand the messages by considering them as part of the context, offering valuable assistance and insight in real-time.

The "VisibleMessages" feature is a testament to ChatBotKit's ongoing commitment to enhancing the effectiveness and intelligence of their AI bots. This new feature allows the bot to better understand and respond to user queries, making it an indispensable tool in any Slack channel.