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ChatBotKit Skillset Abilities now come with a built-in test tool

Discover the new built-in test tool for ChatBotKit Skillset Abilities that allows you to thoroughly evaluate and optimize your abilities, ensuring they deliver the desired results. Take your abilities to the next level today!

We are excited to introduce a highly anticipated feature that will greatly enhance the creation and troubleshooting of ChatBotKit Skillset Abilities - the built-in test tool. This powerful tool allows you to thoroughly evaluate the performance of your abilities by providing specific inputs and meticulously verifying the expected outcomes.

The addition of this test tool is a significant advancement, enabling you to gain a comprehensive understanding of how abilities work and ensuring they deliver the desired results. By combining the test tool with Ability events, you can further refine and optimize your abilities, taking them to the next level.

Try out the new test tool today and take your ChatBotKit Skillset Abilities to the next level!