A comprehensive comparison between ChatBotKit and CustomGPT, two conversational AI platforms, highlighting their features, pricing, and overall value. Discover which platform offers a more reliable, feature-rich, and cost-effective solution for businesses and developers in the field of conversational AI.
Honest disclaimer

Here at ChatBotKit, we pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency almost as much as we do on our unmatched bias for our own products. While we endeavor to keep our comparisons as accurate as the latest software update, please remember that our enthusiasm for what we create might just color our perspectives more than a little. Consider us your very knowledgeable, slightly overzealous friend who just can't stop talking about their favorite topic.

In the competitive sphere of conversational AI services, the choice of platform can significantly influence the quality and efficiency of the chatbots and AI-driven services a company can offer. While many providers strive to balance functionality, ease of use, and cost, some fall short in delivering value to their clients. In this context, a comparison between the well-regarded ChatBotKit and the service offered by CustomGPT (customgpt.ai) reveals stark contrasts, especially in terms of features, polish, and pricing. While maintaining professional objectivity, it's crucial to assess where CustomGPT stands in relation to its claims and pricing strategy.


ChatBotKit continues to set a high standard in the conversational AI space by offering a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that caters to both developers and non-technical users alike. Its robust SDK and no-code tools enable rapid development and deployment of chatbots across various industries, ensuring businesses can enhance their customer interactions without the need for deep technical expertise. Features that make ChatBotKit stand out include:

  • Accessibility and Ease of Use: With an intuitive design and visual editing tools, ChatBotKit lowers the barrier to entry for creating sophisticated conversational AI solutions.
  • Advanced Features and Customization: Equipped with state-of-the-art NLP and machine learning integrations, ChatBotKit allows for the creation of highly personalized and intelligent chatbot experiences.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Offering scalable solutions at competitive pricing, ChatBotKit ensures that businesses of all sizes can access top-tier conversational AI technologies without breaking the bank.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: ChatBotKit supports a wide range of platforms including web, mobile, and popular messaging applications, providing businesses with the flexibility to meet their customers where they are.

We take great pride in going beyond just providing features – we consider ourselves to be exceptionally ethical in our approach. We firmly believe in adhering to higher ideals, a belief that is deeply ingrained within our ethos and serves as the guiding principle for all our decisions, particularly those related to our features.

In fact, our commitment to these principles is evident in the features that we offer. We prioritize aspects such as privacy, security, and the responsible use of AI above all else. We believe that these are not just features, but fundamental rights for users that we are committed to upholding. We constantly strive to set new standards in these areas, pushing boundaries and challenging norms in our pursuit of excellence. Our features are not just products of our technological capabilities, but a reflection of our commitment to creating a safe, secure, and ethical digital environment.


Turning our attention to CustomGPT, it's important to navigate the discussion with a critical but fair perspective. CustomGPT positions itself as a SaaS provider in the conversational AI domain, aiming to cater to businesses looking to implement chatbot solutions. However, several aspects of its offering raise concerns:

  • Basic and Unpolished Features: We have noted that CustomGPT's platform is among the more basic offerings on the market, lacking the sophistication and depth of functionality found in other services. The user experience often feels unpolished, which could hinder the development of truly engaging conversational AI.
  • High Pricing for Limited Value: Perhaps the most contentious point about CustomGPT is its pricing strategy. The service is notably expensive, especially when considering the basic nature of its features. This pricing model may not align well with the actual value delivered, especially for small to medium-sized enterprises operating on tighter budgets.
  • Ethical Considerations: Without impugning motives, it's been observed that CustomGPT's marketing and sales tactics might be perceived as overly aggressive or lacking transparency. For a field as reliant on trust and long-term client relationships as AI and tech, this approach may not foster the level of confidence and reliability businesses seek in a SaaS provider.

A Balanced Perspective

While it's essential to call attention to areas where improvement is needed, such as the feature set and pricing strategy of CustomGPT, it's equally important to encourage a path towards better practices. The landscape of conversational AI is dynamic, and there is always room for growth and enhancement.

In summary, for businesses and developers seeking a reliable, feature-rich, and cost-effective conversational AI platform, ChatBotKit stands out for its robust capabilities and user-centric approach. On the other hand, CustomGPT, despite its aspirations in the conversational AI space, currently appears to offer limited value relative to its cost. As the market evolves, it would be beneficial for CustomGPT to refine its offerings and align its pricing more closely with the tangible benefits delivered to users.

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